3 Tips on How to Apply Wax at a Self-service Car Wash: Do You Need to Wash It off?

It is well known that the use of wax not only gives a glossy shine to the vehicle but also protects the paint from environmental factors. Specialists recommend applying the substance at least two times a year, preferably in spring and autumn. However, there is also another opinion: to use hot wax for the car after every 4-5 washes. Both theories are correct and have pros and cons. But not all car owners know how to use the product correctly.


What Is Car Waxing?

Liquid wax is intended for car surface maintenance. The use of this substance helps to extend the life of the vehicle coating, makes it easier to wash with a car detailing steamer by Fortador, and accelerates the drying process. Moreover, waxing the body prevents moisture and dirt from sticking to the body. As a result, the car becomes smooth and shiny. After rain or washing with a steam cleaner for cars, drops of liquid do not spread over the surface, but roll down.


When and How to Apply Wax?

The wax is applied after washing the car. It is necessary not only to clean the machine from dirt with the help of an auto detail steam cleaner but also to remove the polish remaining from the previous treatment. Each type of product provides its application technology – manual or the use of special devices:

  1. The spray is applied by spraying and is characterized by low resistance (it is usually washed off after 1-2 washes).
  2. Liquid wax has a thicker consistency and is rubbed over the body surface with a sponge, due to which it retains its protective properties for 4-5 washes.
  3. A hard coating is applied to a dry surface, and the process itself is quite tedious, but the protective film lasts for 3-4 months.

Having dealt with the properties of wax, you can now consider how to properly apply it at a self-service car wash. The technology for applying a wax coating to a car is quite simple, but several conditions must be observed: 

  • The surface of the body must be cleaned either with a steam machine for car detailing or any other method, and when using hard wax, it must also be dry.
  • The procedure should not be carried out in the open sun since its radiation prevents the formation of a film on the body.
  • Before use, liquid wax or spray must be thoroughly shaken so that its particles are evenly distributed throughout the volume of the emulsion. 

Many car owners ask if the wax needs to be rinsed off after application. In no case, because this will damage the protective layer. The coating will gradually come off the surface by itself after each subsequent wash with auto detailing steamers, so over time, you will have to repeat this procedure.

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