How to Properly Dilute Non-contact Car Shampoo?

Nowadays, high-pressure washers or auto detailing steamers are found not only in car washes. They are also used by car owners at home. To quickly and effectively remove dirt, auto chemicals are needed. It is important to choose a high-quality product in order to wash the body without fear of damaging the paintwork and other elements. For example, rubber seals, radiator grilles, chrome parts, etc., suffer from aggressive alkaline compounds. So, it is also necessary to dilute the non-contact shampoo in the correct proportions. Use the tips from our article, and in a couple of minutes, your car will shine clean!


Examining the Label

Before you start, read the manufacturer’s recommendations that are indicated on the car shampoo label. There are the proportions for working with a foam generator and an auto detail steam cleaner. For example, if you use the Grass Active Foam Truck, a 23 kg canister is enough to wash 300-400 cars: 

  • the proportions for the car detailing steamer will be from 1:50 to 1:100 – this is approximately 10-20 g per liter of water; 
  • for a foam generator – from 1:3 to 1:9 or 100-250 g per liter of water. 

This is a two-component product so, before diluting, it must be shaken so that the particles are carefully mixed. If a truck is to be washed, then 1.5 – 2 times more shampoo is needed for the same volume of water. Each manufacturer gives its recommendations depending on the concentration.

As a rule, the proportions for making foam for non-contact washing are given in the range, for example, from 10 to 20 g. Choose the best option depending on the degree of contamination of the body. If there is a lot of dirt, insects, oil stains on it, you should not save on shampoo – dilute it in the maximum proportion, and only then use the steam cleaner for cars.


Diluting the Shampoo and Washing a Car 

Use a measuring cup to properly dilute the non-contact shampoo. It’s better than mixing by eye. But if the water tank has a measuring scale, you can pour the product directly into it. Then mix the foam with water – you can use a stick or a plastic spoon.

So, you have prepared a solution for applying the foam. How to use it? It is recommended to guide the nozzle towards the body by moving from top to bottom and making movements to the left/right. If you apply foam from above, it will slide along the body, and you may miss some areas.

A sign of correct preparation of the solution is that the foam is applied to the body and does not slip. This is how the components act on the dirt and separate it from the surface. After two minutes, the shampoo can be washed off with a steam machine for car detailing by Fortador – it is better to start from the same area from which you applied the foam.

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