How to Choose Non-contact Foam for Car Wash

Nowadays, there are many active cleaning agents for car care on the market of chemicals. You can never know in advance whether it is suitable for your car or not. It is always better to choose active foam for washing in a specialized store. Experts will help you choose a good option: they will show and tell you everything. If you don’t trust the consultants, we recommend you adhere to the following recommendations. 


What Criteria to Consider When Choosing Cleaning Foam?

The sequence of steps to choose the right product for your car is the following:

Choose the application method

Depending on the available equipment (i.e., a professional auto detail steam cleaner by Fortador, HPW, etc.) you can decide on the option of applying the composition. The foam nozzle of the car detailing steamer gives a thick foam, the usual application using a trigger or pump spray does not create much foam, but it allows you to work with a higher concentration since the foam nozzle itself dilutes the composition in a ratio of 1 to 10.

Determine the water hardness

It’s easier than you might think. Ordinary aquarium testers are quite suitable, which are elementary to use and are cheap. 

Contact or contactless car wash

Depending on the available steam cleaner for cars, determine whether you will wash the car in a non-contact way. If the steam machine for car detailing has weak pressure, the water is very hard, or the car is washed several times a year, it is useless to wash the car with a contactless shampoo. It is better to use regular shampoo.

Select the concentration

If you are purchasing active foam for yourself, then it makes no sense to overpay for highly concentrated agents since you will spend this canister for years. On the contrary, for a self-service car wash, it will be advisable to choose the most concentrated products to reduce costs.

Select the PH

If you wash an exclusive expensive car, then it would be most correct to adhere to the 3-phase washing technology and use a low alkaline foam, and, conversely, if it is a truck or a taxi, then it is more effective to choose highly alkaline compositions.

Choose the price

Premium products always have a high concentration, as they are designed for dilution with water up to 1:100 and more effectively fight dirt with non-contact use. If you buy active foam for home usage, then choosing the most expensive detergent does not make any sense.

Choose a reliable manufacturer with certified products

As mentioned earlier, the PH characteristics of the shampoo can cause serious damage to the paintwork. Choose a trusted manufacturer with certificates confirming safety.When making a choice, do not forget that the product must not negatively affect the environment. This also applies to the choice of the washing equipment, so we recommend focusing on the auto detailing steamers.

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