Tips for Correct Vehicle Cleaning with a Steam Car Wash Machine

There are many car wash machines on the market with different characteristics and performances. A typical steam car wash machine supplies hot wet air at a temperature of 120°C and a pressure of 8 bars. All fats and oils are easily removed from high temperatures, and the surface of the car is effectively cleaned from static contamination. read more

How to Properly Dilute Non-contact Car Shampoo?

Nowadays, high-pressure washers or auto detailing steamers are found not only in car washes. They are also used by car owners at home. To quickly and effectively remove dirt, auto chemicals are needed. It is important to choose a high-quality product in order to wash the body without fear of damaging the paintwork and other elements. For example, rubber seals, radiator grilles, chrome parts, etc., suffer from aggressive alkaline compounds. So, it is also necessary to dilute the non-contact shampoo in the correct proportions. Use the tips from our article, and in a couple of minutes, your car will shine clean! read more

3 Tips on How to Apply Wax at a Self-service Car Wash: Do You Need to Wash It off?

It is well known that the use of wax not only gives a glossy shine to the vehicle but also protects the paint from environmental factors. Specialists recommend applying the substance at least two times a year, preferably in spring and autumn. However, there is also another opinion: to use hot wax for the car after every 4-5 washes. Both theories are correct and have pros and cons. But not all car owners know how to use the product correctly. read more

How to Blacken the Tires to Make the Wheels Look Like New?

You’ve probably noticed that brand new cars always look brighter and more contrasting on the road. Their wheels have a bright black color. Over time, this shade disappears, and the rubber turns gray. No matter how often you wash the wheels with the auto detail steam cleaner, the tires will not be able to return the original blackness. read more

How to Remove Bitumen from a Car Body Yourself

With daily use, the car paintwork loses its ideal look. Scratches, chips, various contaminants, including bituminous stains, begin to appear on the body. It is simply impossible to wash off bitumen with ordinary water, while special shampoos can be effective only for fresh stains. So, how can you remove bitumen from a car without damaging the paint? When do you need to use a car detailing steamer? Let’s find out! read more