How to Blacken the Tires to Make the Wheels Look Like New?

You’ve probably noticed that brand new cars always look brighter and more contrasting on the road. Their wheels have a bright black color. Over time, this shade disappears, and the rubber turns gray. No matter how often you wash the wheels with the auto detail steam cleaner, the tires will not be able to return the original blackness.

It is possible to restore the original color of the wheels just with the help of the blackening procedure. Blackening is the coating of rubber with a special solution, after which the wheel looks brighter and newer. How to blacken the tires yourself? Why do you still need your car detailing steamer? Read below.


Why Do You Need Tires Blackening? 

In theory, the blackening of wheels should have a number of effects. In particular:

  • Shiny gloss;
  • Protection of tires from drying out and cracking;
  • Better wheel preservation during seasonal storage;
  • Reducing the speed of wheel contamination and facilitating subsequent washes with a steam cleaner for cars by Fortador.

Ideally, the blackening agent should not only visually improve the appearance of the wheels, but also protect the tires from the sun, water, salt, dust, and so on. You will not be able to clean your vehicle with the auto detailing steamers every time it needs this. That is, this procedure should protect the tires from drying out and cracking. However, you should be aware of the fact that blackening practically does not affect the service life of the wheels. It is only needed for the visual effect.


Key Ways to Blacken Tires

There is only one way to blacken the wheels: you thoroughly wash the wheels with a steam machine for car detailing and cover them with a special blackening agent. Sometimes degreasing of the surface is also required. As for the blackening products, they can have different effectiveness:

  • The easiest option is to order the relevant service at the service station. They will do it quickly, but it will cost you money;
  • The cheaper option is to buy a ready-made tire ink in the store and process the wheels according to the instructions with your own hands;
  • The third option is to make the appropriate mixture yourself at home. 


Blackening Tires with Homemade Products

At home, the blackening of tires can be done with the help of homemade products. There are many such recipes on the Internet, but not all of them are equally effective and safe for the wheels of your vehicle. Let’s take a look at these ways:

  • Glycerin+water – a homemade analog of the popular tire blackener. The effectiveness is the same, but it can quickly dry your tires.
  • Silicone oil – an expensive option. However, it really works giving a rich black color, perfectly saving tires from cracking.

So, the essence of the method is to provide a good look. Someone does not care about it, but someone wants their car to always look bright and new. So, whether to do blackening is the choice of the motorist.

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